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Hi all,

Just to quickly follow up on this, I was in error and had the 5725-5850 MHz band in my head as outdoor only. I could swear I had read that on the ACMA site but of course it’s not there.

The current version of the Radiocommunications (Low Interference Potential Devices) Class Licence 2015 at https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2022C00281 <https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2022C00281> says (there’s no change as far back as I dug too):

Class of transmitter
Permitted operating frequency band (MHz) (lower limit exclusive, upper limit inclusive)
Maximum EIRP
Digital modulation transmitters
4 W
The radiated peak power spectral density in any 3 kHz must not exceed 25 mW per 3 kHz.

My apologies for the list noise and for apparently triggering some people by referencing these devices.

On a side, related, note apparently these routers sometime have an issue where they stop working on 2.4 GHz and as a result people crank up the power of the 5 GHz radio. I’d guess that that’s what has happened in this case since it’s only transmitting on a single chain which limits throughput but increases power output. Frustrating thing is that it’s set to 80 MHz too but in a NBN fixed wireless area where a single chain 20 MHz channel is faster than the Internet connection and going to both creating and receiving less interference…

Thanks again for the responses

Andrew Radke

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> On 21 Jun 2022, at 10:57 am, Russell Langton <russell3901 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> I believe these Telstra modems are LIPD class license section 60 devices which allows 5725-5850 Ghz as they are most likey non-managed/residential services.
> If you believe these are operating in error or outside the ACMA guidelines, Please flick me a email directly and I'll put you in contact with our gateways team and the ACMA
> Cheers,
> On Tue, Jun 21, 2022 at 10:18 AM Andrew Radke <andrew at osi.com.au <mailto:andrew at osi.com.au>> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if there is anyone on the list that I can talk to about Telstra customer router wifi configs that are violating ACMA rules.
> We see lots of Telstra supplied routers that select the *outdoor only* 5.8 GHz spectrum for their 5 GHz WiFi. This interferes with real outdoor links, and unless the router is mounted on a roof it would be in violation of ACMA rules. I’m hoping to get in touch with someone suitable in the team that manages these to get an update done to correctly limit these devices to the indoor spectrum only.
> I’ve included an example scan from a Mikrotik link of ours that had started playing up due to interference below. It shows a Telstra router broadcasting on 5805 MHz running with an 80 MHz bandwidth (eeeC) and on single chain instead of dual chain so that it can bump up it’s output power even higher. In this case it only leaves a single 20 MHz channel, or potentially 30 MHz with certain radios, at the top for anyone else.
>        ADDRESS           SSID                     CHANNEL                     SIG   NF SNR
> AP     D0:6F:82:2C:DB:54 TelstraMobile            5260/20-Ceee/ac/DP(-10dBm)  -79 -102  23
> AP     22:B0:01:96:83:D3 Telstra9683CB            5540/20-eeCe/ac/DP(-3dBm)   -83 -106  23
> AP     22:B0:01:96:83:D5                          5540/20-eeCe/ac/DP(-3dBm)   -85 -106  21
>  P     A2:B5:3C:36:A3:FE Telstra36A3FE            5660/20-Ceee/ac/DP(-3dBm)   -88 -106  18
>  P     82:90:4C:3A:D2:0C                          5660/20-Ceee/ac/DP(-3dBm)   -89 -106  17
> AP     D6:35:1D:1B:B7:C3 Telstra1BB7BB            5805/20-eeeC/ac(6dBm)       -82 -108  26
> AP     D6:35:1D:1B:B7:C5                          5805/20-eeeC/ac(6dBm)       -82 -108  26
> Regards,
> Andrew Radke
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> Ph: 0412 798 593 <tel:0412798593>
> Web: osi.com.au <https://osi.com.au/>
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