[AusNOG] Business customer smashing their "unlimited" MBE 20/20Mbps internet service

Joseph Goldman joe at apcs.com.au
Thu Sep 28 19:20:49 EST 2017

On 28/09/17 19:04, Nathan Brookfield wrote:
> I assume you were trying to say 'uncontended' and if so, it's not a 
> case of contention by the sound of it, more utilization.
Urgh spell check caught me there.
> The traps of using the word 'Unlimited', if the customer is of 
> appropriate size for the TIO you would very much lose in a dispute by 
> saying they're overusing the service pretty much regardless of what 
> 'Fair Use' policy was in place.
Wouldn't it also depend on the CIS/Fair Use/T&C's presented to customer? 
I suppose in my definition it would have to be advertised as 'up-to' 
20mbit to get around that side of things.
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> MBE 20/20Mbps internet service
> It's a fine line though depending on how it was sold to the customer - 
> as if you wanted uncontested business grade bandwidth, you'd be paying 
> per mbit and being charged for the L2, L3 and markup components in one 
> price.
> This could be the gateway into the customer in explaining their use 
> case calls for uncontested bandwidth - here is the price for that, 
> what they were sold is (assuming) not uncontested and if they aren't 
> willing to play ball you could let it congest and perhaps slow down in 
> those peak times.
> But ultimately, if you can't sustain a connection then you can't 
> sustain it. Unless they can hold YOU to the contract for whatever 
> reason, then give them 30 days notice that the price is going to 
> change to $x, or they can cancel if they wish to. This works better if 
> they don't have (m)any other profit making services with you.
> There is a general understanding for uncontested connections in the IT 
> world that it wont be used 100% 24/7 (It's how the TPG/Vocus 400mbits 
> would be assumed and I bet if you did 100% utilise them 24/7 you'd 
> likely get a call).
> It will ebb and flow and the max data rate is mostly for peak and 
> burst rates not for full time sustained rates. Sure the customer 
> wouldn't know this unless they have a knowledgeable IT department but 
> thats where the discussion above comes in.
> On 28/09/17 17:01, simon thomason wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Sitting on the customer side of the fence I would be none to happy if 
>> I was told that my unlimited services was not unlimited.
>> Personally I would ask you to show me which part of the contract you 
>> have issue with.
>> 20M/s unlimited means I can use 20M/s day and night to my hearts 
>> content as I have paid for it.
>> Simon T.
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