[AusNOG] Business customer smashing their "unlimited" MBE 20/20Mbps internet service

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I assume you were trying to say 'uncontended' and if so, it's not a case of contention by the sound of it, more utilization.

The traps of using the word 'Unlimited', if the customer is of appropriate size for the TIO you would very much lose in a dispute by saying they're overusing the service pretty much regardless of what 'Fair Use' policy was in place.

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It's a fine line though depending on how it was sold to the customer - as if you wanted uncontested business grade bandwidth, you'd be paying per mbit and being charged for the L2, L3 and markup components in one price.

This could be the gateway into the customer in explaining their use case calls for uncontested bandwidth - here is the price for that, what they were sold is (assuming) not uncontested and if they aren't willing to play ball you could let it congest and perhaps slow down in those peak times.

But ultimately, if you can't sustain a connection then you can't sustain it. Unless they can hold YOU to the contract for whatever reason, then give them 30 days notice that the price is going to change to $x, or they can cancel if they wish to. This works better if they don't have (m)any other profit making services with you.

There is a general understanding for uncontested connections in the IT world that it wont be used 100% 24/7 (It's how the TPG/Vocus 400mbits would be assumed and I bet if you did 100% utilise them 24/7 you'd likely get a call).
It will ebb and flow and the max data rate is mostly for peak and burst rates not for full time sustained rates. Sure the customer wouldn't know this unless they have a knowledgeable IT department but thats where the discussion above comes in.

On 28/09/17 17:01, simon thomason wrote:
Hi All,

Sitting on the customer side of the fence I would be none to happy if I was told that my unlimited services was not unlimited.

Personally I would ask you to show me which part of the contract you have issue with.

20M/s unlimited means I can use 20M/s day and night to my hearts content as I have paid for it.

Simon T.

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