[AusNOG] Business customer smashing their "unlimited" MBE 20/20Mbps internet service

Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Thu Sep 28 13:51:26 EST 2017

Fair use is fair use. If they're costing you more than you're making off 
them, it's unsustainable. I'd have a conversation with the customer 
around that very fact, they're either oblivious to the problem, or 
oblivious to the impact it's having on you.

Memory is somewhat vague now but I have an idea that I was managing a 
similar issue with a customer some years ago and found the customer was 
able to reshuffle their network load to reduce the hit on my link.  The 
alternative was to give them a special (read: higher) price that allowed 
me to differentiate their disproportionate hit on my paid transit link 
(customer must be profitable, or what's the point in having them as a 
customer?), and they didn't like that price tag.


On 28/09/2017 4:20 p.m., James Cunningham wrote:
> Hello Ausnog,
> We have a customer who we are providing a 20Mbps AAPT Wholesale, MBE 
> e-line service for, and we have given them the service with Unlimited 
> Internet data - but subject to fair use.
> The customer is smashing the service, 100% of the time, running it at 
> at the full 19-20Mbps, 24/7, every single day, including weekends. 
> This is resulting in 5-6TB of internet data that they are transferring 
> through us, and our IP transit upstream, which is obviously costing us 
> a fair chunk in IP transit costs.
> We haven't said anything to the customer, but I'm curious to see what 
> other people would consider "fair use" of an business grade, unlimited 
> Internet service.
> We already peer with Megaport and IX-Australia so we try to minimise 
> our IP transit costs as much as possible, but this traffic is going 
> directly Telstra, and we are loosing out on this particular customer. 
> Do we just suck it up, or would you increase the customers monthly 
> fee, throttle them, etc?
> Thoughts here would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> James
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