[AusNOG] Has iiNet/TPG/Internode Etc Depeered

Bradley Amm brad at bradleyamm.com
Tue Oct 25 19:07:36 AEDT 2022

Yes sorry that’s what I mean AS4739 appears to have gone from IX Australia peering

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>=Has iiNet/Internode/TPG etc de-peered from IX Australia

I think this happened a month ago.  I noticed back on 27th Sept that latency
from my home office (Internode via FTTP) to a server in an Adelaide CBD
datacentre (about 3km from home) had jumped from a few ms to over 200ms.

Enquiry to the datacentre operator produced this response:

"Looks like TPG has decided to stop the old Internode AS4739 from
peering anywhere.  Up until recently TPG wouldn't peer but they
still left iinet/internode alone.  Looks like that has changed ..."


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