[AusNOG] Telstra contacting ex-ADSL customers - illegal?

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Tue Sep 28 13:41:51 EST 2021


So the churn out of the FNN cancelled the PSTN which by Telstra's
own rules causes the cancellation of the ADSL due to the
"loss of ADSL codes" and hence terminated
the business relationship which according to the SPAM act
revokes Telstra's entitlement to send email to the customer.

But further, by virtue of activating FTTC on the same copper pair
as the former PSTN and ADSL meant Telstra got an NBN migration pay day,
and yet Telstra somehow doesn't know they lost the service,
and yet they've stopped charging for the ADSL. So Telstra stopped
charging, a major event in the Telstra universe, why if the
service is still connected, obviously because the service isn't connected.

And by the way, the customer had cancelled with Telstra, so there's that.

Quoting Jennifer Sims <jenn at jenn.id.au>:

> When they went to FTTC with another provider, this process never   
> told Telstra to cancel the ADSL as it’s not on the nbn platform.
> So it’s not illegal as much as it is, just poor form.
> Your customer should have told Telstra to cancel the service if they  
>  were with another provider.
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>> On 28 Sep 2021, at 11:57 am, Ross Wheeler <ausnog at rossw.net> wrote:
>>> On Tue, 28 Sep 2021, mike at ozonline.com.au wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> One of our customers who was formerly with Telstra ADSL
>>> who transferred to NBN FTTC with us
>>> received the following email from Telstra's "TBB Broken Bundles" Team.
>> When ADSL was first being rolled out in our area, telstra were   
>> datamining their customers calls and directly targeting people who   
>> were dialing any of my companies modem pool numbers.
>> A telstra official confirmed this was happening, and was of the   
>> view that it was not only legal, but entirely ethical. That those   
>> "call records" were "telstras to do with what they liked".
>> As a company, I've seen little evidence their ethics have changed.
>> By contrast, some individuals within the company are amongst the   
>> best people you'd hope to meet anywhere.
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