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Hi Sean,

Thanks for this. I have had a look at Cachethq – it doesn’t look like it supports all the functionality I wanted, but I was thinking about modifying it, the same as you’ve suggested. The fact that it’s a Laravel app is nice!

I also thought about developing something to plug into statuspage, using web hooks to decide when to send out notifications and effectively manage our subscribers ourselves.

The problem is we wanted something that’s not part of our infrastructure at all, and ideally doesn’t require anything custom, so it’s 100% separate to us. But some kind of custom option may prove to be the only solution, as nothing so far differentiates maintenance vs outage notifications.


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Hi Rhys

Have you seen cachethq.io<http://cachethq.io> ?

It may have the features and if not it's open source so you can add them.

The developer is a well known developer (core laravel team).

It would be my choice if I needed one. I didn't validate it against your feature set.



On Mon, 23 Nov 2020, 11:10 am Rhys Hanrahan, <rhys at nexusone.com.au<mailto:rhys at nexusone.com.au>> wrote:
Hi Everyone!

I’m hoping to get some recommendations on a status page product. We originally signed up for statuspage.io<http://statuspage.io> because that seems by far the most popular, but were surprised to find that what I would have thought were basic features that we need, are missing.

So far I haven’t found any other product that does what we’re after, either. Hoping someone else has. In particular we are missing:

•         The ability to allow users to subscribe to maintenance events differently to outage notifications. E.g. users want SMS notifications for outages, but only email notifications for maintenance. Many people don’t want late night SMSes of regular scheduled maintenance, some do.

•         Or further to this, some users don’t want to subscribe to maintenance notifications at all, but yet do want outage notifications.

•         The other thing we’re missing is the ability to manage subscribers as contacts. E.g. instead of a list of random mobile numbers, to associate an email and mobile to a contact so we can see who it is and what company they’re from.

•         We need component/service level subscriptions, but that seems to be a standard feature all providers offer. So no problems there.

The first two items: granular subscriptions for maintenance events is really the deal breaker, and surely we aren’t the only ones who need this. Atlassian has said this is a feature request, but won’t give any details or an ETA. Managing contacts we could live without.

We really want it to be hosted on third-party infrastructure and a turnkey solution, for obvious reasons, but I’m open to looking at anything at this point.

Thanks all!

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