[AusNOG] going rate for a rooftop installation?

Mark Delany g2x at juliet.emu.st
Wed Jun 5 12:49:32 EST 2019

> So you're saying the price could vary from $0 through to $????

Absolutely. My group was involved with getting GPS receivers on the
roofs of numerous data-centers and it seemed more about the price the
customer would tolerate than anything else. Particular if roof-space
is very constrained as it might be in a tall thin building in a CBD vs
a 1-story mega-DC in Nevada.

After all, it's not like you have a lot of negotiating power once you
have all your kit installed.

A reasonable sized customer probably gets a better deal due to
collateral business, but your best bet is to negotiate roof access as
part of your initial contract with the DC rather than after you're
locked in.

Oh, and as far as I recall, prices never started at $0 but your $????
for the upper-range is about right :-)


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