[AusNOG] Investigating purchase of 1Gbit IP Transit in Sydney

Randy Cassidy randy.cassidy at iracing.com
Thu Jun 6 06:16:01 EST 2019

Hi all,

Any recommendations for buying 1Gbit IP Transit in Sydney?

Background:  iRacing is a US company, based out of Boston.  We have a significant customer base in Australia.  There are times when our customers need to access our servers in Boston.  Our application (a realtime online racing simulation) is pretty latency sensitive, and the routes from AU<->Bos can be challenging.  We have a lead on a good 1Gbit (virtual) Layer 2 Transport circuit from Equinix SY1 in Sydney (or a couple other datacenters there) to our datacenter in Boston, but would need to connect the Sydney end into something that gives us access to the bulk of the Australian home Internet market.

Due to (mostly human) resource constraints, as well as budget, establishing direct relationships/connections to multiple networks in Sydney is likely a non-starter.  So we'd need to buy Transit from someone that has direct connections to the big players (Telstra, TPG, Optus/Singtel/Microplex, iiNet/Internode, Aussie Broadband/Wideband Networks, Vocus/Primus, Foxtel,  etc.)  Our hope is that we could talk BGP from our routers in Boston to this provider's routers in Sydney using the L2 backhaul circuit, and draw traffic originating in Australia and bound for our Boston servers through that provider and into that circuit.

We're a stub network, so we'd only be announcing our own IPv4 and IPv6 blocks into it.  One caveat is that we'd need to keep that announcement within Australia, so that we don't start pulling traffic bound for Boston into Sydney from the wider southeast Asia region (eg: it would be counterproductive for this circuit to draw traffic from Japan).  So there'd need to be some decent control over things - likely a good set of BGP communities.

Thanks for any leads!

Randy Cassidy
iRacing.com Motorsport Simulations

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