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Bruce Forster bruce at tubes.net.au
Fri Aug 26 16:14:49 EST 2011

Howdy noggers,
Thought I'd do a summary for you, I got a lot of emails and it was an
awesome response. Thanks to all who took the time to email me, hope I didn't
miss any of you out in this email..
When we were looking at what to use first up we wanted Redmine, pretty much
did what we wanted but installing it proved quite hard getting the ruby
environment working right was quite time consuming, and I'm no ruby expert
it also had a bunch of gems to install.
But luckily some people out there have realised there's a lot of good open
source software out there and if you're like me not dealt with ruby much,
projects such as these can really help cut time on deployment, everyone's
requirements is different but this really helped me:
.         Allows for easy admin and use, can create tasks and subtasks,
multi user, Also support attached document's and printing to PDF.
.         Clearly designed for Bug tracking and software development but
it's quite easy to bend to basic use of projects and sub tasks with in
.         With bitnami makes for a very easy quick install a breeze to work
All the above being said if you're a ruby buff you won't have a problem.
.         This got a bunch of recommendations from a lot of noggers, looks
really great, but for our needs it's over and above.
.         After a quick look at it I didn't take it any further
.         30 day free trial, cheap if you host your own server, they offer a
hosted option which as some pointed out could be cheaper depending on the
size of your team/company
http://www.producteev.com/ I found this myself but a few people also said it
was good
.         Good for single or multi users
.         Easy to deploy fill out a form, and your ready to go.
.         Iphone app im sure is very attractive to some users. Also
supported sync with outlook via a plugin and I think had gmail syncing?
.         Free 2 week trial / Free for up to 2 users But the max you will
pay is $30.00 a month
            Someone said that it was quite pricey I guess it depends on what
you recon its worth
             I think over all producteev is a cheap product for what it is a
simple to use task management software, wish a very nice gui.
Daniel Thoroughgood put me onto an awesome little windows based program
called Todolist (AbstractSpoon Software)
.         Easy deployment download zip, decompress run .exe setup wizard
asks you half a dozen questions and you're ready to role
.         File based db, awesome for small company's or one users, does
support multi user but I don't know how well that would scale.
.         Basic task management with sub tasks, and user assignment, it's
really a shame this one doesn't have a web version
I didn't look any further but here are some other recommendations that were
put to me, I'll add them in here so anyone's looking at this thread at a
later date.
Nishal Goburdhan :

e-groupware (http://www.egroupware.org/) - a lot more fully featured, with a
separate project management, and task management utility. 

ugly as sin, but if you consider that it comes fully integrated, and if you
use it for mail/wiki/calendaring/etc... it's quite powerful.  but still ugly

a friend at an ISP uses hitask:  http://hitask.com/.  for sharing project,
he loves it.  it's cloud-based.  i am less enthused by that.

this looks nice to:  http://www.producteev.com/ - but expensive

Paul Brooks :

Perhaps try OpenProj - http://sourceforge.net/projects/openproj/

"OpenProj is an open-source desktop project management application similar
to Microsoft Project. OpenProj has a familiar user interface and even opens
existing MS Project files. OpenProj is interoperable with Project, Gantt
Charts and PERT charts."

Its java-based, and relatively cross-platform, with binaries for windows,
OS-X and several linux variants




Rhys McMurdo :

http://web2project.net/ - Project management software with a lot of features
which you may/may not need (Such as Gantt charts & time reporting), however
it's relatively easy to setup and start using.

http://collabtive.o-dyn.de/index.php - If you are after simple task
management (which it sounds like you are) then this is less complicated than
web2project and is dead easy to setup and use.

Both software packages have online demos so you can evaluate them for




Alastair Waddell :

Hi Bruce, have a look at Fogbugz (hosted or on-premise).

I was after something hosted (one less thing to maintain) and Jira

(Studio) didn't meet my requirements.

Fogbugz (Hosted) did and it's free for small teams which means you can take
your time settling into it.

>From Joel Spolsky who also does stackexchange.com etc.

Less cruft, more focussed imo.

At this stage, I'm only just past the reviewing and not yet a big user.

Another thing that swung me was DVCS (mercurial) over SVN.


Christopher Pollock :

For something simply that, I find that Acunote has been quite good.


It has a number of layers of nesting, individual burndowns, priority levels,
commenting, attachments, etc etc.  I find it's been quite useful in figuring
out whether my expectations of how much the team can get done are reasonable
or not.


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