[AusNOG] Web filter a runaway success: Exetel

Anthony Spruce admin at myzteriouz.org
Tue May 5 21:42:16 EST 2009

It's a case of hoping that the whole Filter get's thrown out, and that 
they decide to finally bring us into the 21st century with regards to 
our Rights and Laws

Matthew Moyle-Croft wrote:
> And just so no one thinks this is a good idea:
> http://www.efa.org.au/2009/05/05/efa-gets-link-removal-notice/
> Insane and angry making.
> Mark Newton wrote:
>> On 05/05/2009, at 6:51 PM, Kai wrote:
>>> Mmmm, so the article doesn't tell the full story, figures, but what's
>>> the bet that certain people in certain places will use this one  
>>> article
>>> to basically say "Hey, see, the filter aint ALL bad..." :S
>> The problem is that Peter Mancer from Watchdog has already admitted that
>> it can't satisfy even the most watered-down of the Government's  
>> requirements,
>> because it can't cope with URLs hosted on high-traffic sites occupying
>> the blacklist.
>> Remember:  Since last year, Conroy has claimed that he wants the ACMA
>> prohibited list to be blocked.  When the ACMA prohibited list was leaked
>> that position became politically hilarious, so he changed his tune to
>> "almost exclusively RC" (SBS Insight 31 March 2009), then "We've
>> never stated that we were going to do anything other than Refused
>> Classification" (Triple J Hack, 7 April 2009)
>> http://newmatilda.com/polliegraph/?p=567
>> The problem is that the Classification Board has Refused Classification
>> to several YouTube videos, which means the ultimate "high traffic site"
>> is on the blacklist even after Conroy has changed all the definitions.
>> And Mancer has said that high-traffic sites will blow his system's  
>> brains
>> out.  Indeed, the failure mode is exactly the same (and for exactly the
>> same reason) as the IWF Wikipedia failure in the UK in early December.
>> Mancer's proposed solution is to whitelist high-traffic sites, so they  
>> won't
>> be blocked even if the Government insists that they must be.
>> So Exetel has had a "runaway success" in testing a system which cannot
>> satisfy the Government's requirements.
>> Can Exetel deploy Mancer's censorbox without a Government mandate to
>> deploy a voluntary filtering service in response to demand from their
>> customers?  By all means, and more power to them.  Hope it works out
>> for them.
>> But will that meet the dictates of the Government's stated policy?
>> Nope.  They'll need another, untested censorbox to do that.
>>    - mark
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