[AusNOG] ICANN: JPA midterm review - have your say

Save Vocea save.vocea at icann.org
Wed Jan 16 13:34:23 EST 2008

(apology for any duplicate - slightly less tech in nature but worth  
sharing as its about the DNS admin)

Dear colleagues,

My first post and mail in 2008 - so very warm greetings from  
Brisbane, Australia.

First up I'd like to highlight this very important information from
ICANN.  ccTLD managers in each economy have received this as well.

ICANN in the past have had its fair share of critics "for/against"
the current model or it's relationship with the US Govt and  
transition to
independence. (just have to Goggle to read this)

May I request those that particularly follow ICANN work (and those
new to this space) to spare some time to read through the latest
announcement from ICANN website particularly the "Joint Project
Agreement - ICANN response" about the Notice of Inquiry put out by
the USG regarding ICANN and the USG Joint Partnership Agreement.
The documents referenced will clarify why ICANN was formed and
delegated the role to perform the technical coordination and
management of the Internet’s domain name and addressing system (DNS).
ICANN's role is now in midterm review with this Notice of Inquiry
requested for by the USG.  http://www.icann.org/

As you will see from ICANN's submission, among other things, it is  
the view
of the ICANN Board that:

~ The JPA  like the memorandums of understanding before it has helped
ICANN to become a stable organization;
~ ICANN has executed the terms of the JPA commenced in September 2006;
~ ICANN is meeting its responsibilities under the JPA;
~ The JPA is no longer necessary. Concluding it is the next step in  
of the coordination of the Domain Name System (DNS) to the private  
~ This step will provide continuing confidence that the original  
vision laid out
in the White Paper is being delivered;
~ Concluding the JPA will not affect existing accountabilities  
expressed in the
IANA contract and the United States Government¹s participation  
through the
Governmental Advisory Committee.

I am sure that both ICANN and the US Department of Commerce would
appreciate hearing the views of the Internet community on this important

As there's a very narrow window in which to tailor and submit
responses/comments I hope I can again contact some of you to discuss
or please feel free to contact me at any time to clarify. It will be
useful under this review term that as many responses are received
from those parties interested to have a say. I encourage those from
the Oceania Internet stakeholder groups (Govts, telcos, ISPs, ccTLDs,
business, media, academics, end users) to also contribute to this
process and to add to a truly global response. Now is your chance to get
your voices heard.

Comments close on 15 February.


Save Vocea
Global Partnerships
Manager, Regional Relations - Australasia/Pacific Islands

ICANN is about coordination, not control

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