[AusNOG] Looking for visually impressive server racks

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Hey Skeeve,

I can't believe I'm about to suggest this but... why not try some of those cool looking Sun racks with the perforated fronts and put some white neons in the bottom/sides.

Remember, all server rooms are lit by floor-mounted blue LEDs and soft LED downlights in front of each cabinet, just like in the movies - this is, of course, part of Equinix's build plan ;)



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Hey all,

Got a customer who is building a server room and it will have glass walls.  They are into things like animation and so on, and want to have a VERY impressive looking comms room on display.

What I am looking for is some rack brand or company that make amazing looking racks… I’m talking stainless steel, chrome?, in-built lighting perhaps… something that just looks like it’s the room which powers the Enterprise kinda thing ;-)

If anyone knows anyone (worldwide) making/selling this kind of thing… please let me know.  For now, lets say cost isn’t much of a factor – wow factor is everything.


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