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Jacques Kosky jmkosky at vicnet.net.au
Tue Oct 10 11:25:15 EST 2006

At 11:14 10/10/2006, Jason Backshall wrote:
>I don't think anyone denies that AAPT have the right to do what they're
>doing - that's all well and good.
>At the end of the day though, it's just a PITA. Customers in AAPT's
>facilities are being forced out with very little notice, and as you
>mentioned, I suspect that at the end of the day it's going to do more
>harm than good.
>Powertel are going to compete with AAPT whether they like it or not. Why
>not take a little cash from them on the side in the process?

That would have been how I would have done it (were i in such a lofty 
position). If you cannot beat them or join them you might as well make 
money off them.
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