[AusNOG] Love a Friday Afternoon Screw-up.

TWIG Security support at twig.com.au
Fri Nov 20 16:40:53 EST 2020

Hi All,
   There must be an easier way.  !

Existing Commander commander, utilising Port 1 of a Opticomm PON/FTU 
H640GR unit.

I have a new client, that was supposed to be provisioned on Port 2 of 
same PON.  Opticomm all OK with this.

Exetel provisioned accidentally to Port 1, thus trashed the config for 
working /existing client, obviously they are down now. Exetel has now 
provisioned correctly to Port 2. Thus port 1 vacant.

Now I am having issues getting Level 1 customer support at Commander 
understand that Port 1 needs to be re-provisioned. They are just 
repeating that I have to put the old username and password back into the 
modem.  Which was not touched.!

Anyone has this and know a quick way to get this settled, Port 1 client  
is p'ed off to say the least.

Anyone on Commander NOC here?



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