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Jim Woodward jim at alwaysnever.net
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Hi Greg, 


I can also recommend Synergy Wholesale, I had domains all over the place and had multiple issues dealing with Melbourne IT takeovers of several of my registrars, the last being Uber Global/AussieHQ - Suffice to say I couldn’t get away from them fast enough!


Synergy have been great – everything is manageable in one place, and like Rob they are a +1 from me, I’ve never needed to call or email them to fix anything.



Kind Regards,




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I suggest you just transfer your domain away from GoDaddy, to a different registrar, as they are notoriously useless.


If you do a bunch of domains, it might be best to go with a wholesaler and whilst I personally recommend Synergy Wholesale, there are others you can pick from - look at the accredited registrars here:






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Hi Noggers,


Wondering if anyone a contact at AUDA or Godaddy who can assist with a domain issue. 



*	Jun 30, Godaddy advises the domain has a de-registered ABN/ACN associated to it.
*	Jul 6 – Stat dec, Updated ABN/ASIC details sent to Godaddy
*	Jul 8 – Godaddy update the domain details (change visible via whois) even requiring a 2 year upfront “payment”  to renew it as part of the “update”
*	Jul 30 – The .com.au/.net.au <http://com.au/.net.au>  domains suddenly cease working with an email from Goddady advising we did not respond in 30 days since the original email and that the domain is now cancelled.


We have contacted them today, twice and of course we are unable to speak to anyone there who “handles these specific requests” – and have been advised by Customer Service it will take “auDA weeks to months” to process our support request.




Any help is appreciated as the business has been crippled by this, as their CRM/practise software is all linked to their website/domain with complex Azure/O365 integrations that no longer function.





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