[AusNOG] Sunshine Coast cable landing station

Mark Delany g2x at juliet.emu.st
Wed Jul 22 18:06:24 EST 2020

> Sorry to upset teh list by dragging it to a back on topic, topic :) 
> copied from website: 
> Maroochydore, Wednesday 22 July 2020: A better connected South-East
> Queensland (SEQ) has arrived.
> OneQode, Australia's first carrier to deploy equipment and commence
> operations out of the Sunshine Coast Cable Landing Station (CLS), is now
> ready to launch its digital services from the Sunshine Coast

It is a great development as it provides the first real redundant path into eastern
Australia as well as a naturally shorter path to SEAsia than Sydney offers.

Looking at the OneQode route map, the somewhat circuitous route via Palmwoods suggests
they are using QCNFibre (aka Energy Queensland) to backhaul from Maroochydore to
Brisbane. Why? Energy Queensland have a major substation in Palmwoods that feeds into
Maroochydore, but otherwise there is no network infrastructure there. In short, no reason
to go to Palmwoods unless that's where your fibre provider runs.

I guess OneQode might use the Torus network into BNE, but as I understand it, Torus is
still searching for investors, so years from being available.

Relatedly, I recall when "The Australian Internet" landed in Melbourne Uni and I thought
it bizarre since the sub-cables landed in Sydney. Perhaps in a few years time we'll wonder
why the sub-cables all land in Sydney when there are better and cheaper choices further

All I know is that infrastructure moves in slow and mysterious ways.


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