[AusNOG] Sunshine Coast cable landing station

Mark Delany g2x at juliet.emu.st
Thu Jul 23 19:58:56 EST 2020

On 22Jul20, Mark Delany allegedly wrote:
> I guess OneQode might use the Torus network into BNE, but as I understand it, Torus is
> still searching for investors, so years from being available.

I've been authoritatively corrected on this front and the news is good so my previous post
was both wrong and pessimistic. I don't mind because the good news is that there is more
real infrastructure in the region than I thought. What's not to like about that?

Here's what I now understand.

The Torus network is fully funded. Torus will, inter alia, directly link the Maroochydore
CLS to BNE with 100s of fibres (so presumable dark fibre will be an option) and
availability is as soon as next year.

In addition, QCN may well provide diverse fibre alternatives to connect the MCY CLS to

All of this *should* make the MCY CLS an attractive alternative as an east coast cable
landing point. If that is true we'll see future cables land there. However, if new cables
continue to land in Sydney then understanding the economic and networking logic behind
those decisions will be intriquing to know.


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