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copied from website: 

Maroochydore, Wednesday 22 July 2020: A better connected South-East
Queensland (SEQ) has arrived.
OneQode, Australia's first carrier to deploy equipment and commence
operations out of the Sunshine Coast Cable Landing Station (CLS), is now
ready to launch its digital services from the Sunshine Coast direct to
its Brisbane CBD Points of Presence (Equinix BR1 & NextDC B2). With the
lowest latency path to East Asia from Brisbane, this network is set to
provide unparalleled speed to all Queenslanders - ushering in a new era
of internet connectivity. 

Better connectivity for Queensland
Until now, all Queensland traffic has been required to route through
Sydney data centres before leaving Australian shores - meaning high
latency and infrastructure expense. By putting down roots at the new
CLS, OneQode is severing the Sydney dependence and ensuring that
Queensland has dedicated international routes. 

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Noel Butler 

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