[AusNOG] Anyone have any ancient Bay 5000/5399's lying around?

Tom Storey tom at snnap.net
Fri Sep 20 21:29:56 EST 2019

I did something similar at home a couple of years ago, using some Cisco
routers, a bunch of BRI/PRI VIC/VWIC/NM modules and an NM-30DM. I got good
old fasioned "56K" dialup working, but there was so much chatter from
modern web based services that it was useless for loading websites, and
even after I shut Chrome down it was still useless so maybe even modern
OSes are too chatty?

My setup was something like an 1800 with an external dialup modem on the
AUX port connected to a 3800 with an FXS (or was it FXO, I keep getting
those two confused) VIC, VWIC'd via E1 over to another 3800 with a PRI NM
and terminating on the NM-30DM. I'd also attempted to get ISDN working, but
it seems that the combination of ISDN WIC/V(W)IC cards I used werent
capable of exchanging data calls.

Maybe my setup wasnt 100% quite right, I got bored after some days of
debugging failed ISDN data calls and packed it all away. Maybe I'd give it
another shot if I could figure out how to get ISDN going. :-)

On Fri, 20 Sep 2019 at 00:00, Rob Thomas <xrobau at gmail.com> wrote:

> I was reminiscing on derpbook, and realised that it would be a
> RIDICULOUSLY insane idea to try to recreate a 56k dialup ISP in 2020.
> So I'm going to do it.
> To further this plan, I'm hoping that someone has some old Bay
> 5000/5399's lying around that they paid megabucks for and are now
> worth less than nothing, that they want to donate to a good home.
> If one happens to be in Brisbane, that would be even better, because
> I'm heading down there for Comicon this weekend, and I could pick it
> up then!
> If not, maybe some old Cisco devices? Or whatever those TNT devices
> were? Something that takes a PRI in one end and makes modem sounds at
> it, basically.
> --Rob
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