[AusNOG] Anyone have any ancient Bay 5000/5399's lying around?

Jim Woodward jim at alwaysnever.net
Fri Sep 20 10:36:46 EST 2019

You're lucky to get over v22bis with VoIP these days, I couldnt get my
old USRbotics V.Everthing to train above 2400 baud over an EnGin service
recently in a trip down nostalgia lane, despite playing with codec's

The only fax service ive seen work with any degree of reliability was
over a FTTP Internode Fibrephone 'UNI-V' port service, ofcourse,
everyones mileage may vary :) 

Kind Regards, 


On 20-09-2019 10:21, Luke Iggleden wrote:

> Hey Rob,
> I still have a lucent max tnt packed with 480 modems, and 16 x e1s. 
> Probably have a max 6000 as well, and a 4000 for nostalgia. 
> I've seen some isdn to sip devices around that might be the way to go for an e1 interface. You need a digital interface to get over v34.
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