[AusNOG] Dell PowerConnect 5448

Daniel Watson daniel at hostlink.com.au
Thu May 2 17:13:12 EST 2019

Gday Guys

Just an update.

Would anybody be in the area of ME1, with a nullmodem serial cable I could borrow by any chance?

From: Daniel Watson
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Subject: Dell PowerConnect 5448

Hi Guys

I’ve just installed a refurb Dell PowerConnect 5448 into Equinix ME1. However I am having a seriously bad time getting console into the device to reset the config.

I have tried plugging a serial cable in directly from the switch into a servers Com1 port, also tried a USB to serial cable on my laptop.

Wondering if anyone else might have any tricks up their sleeves?  Or if they know any other way I can factory reset this switch without console?


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