[AusNOG] $300 NBN Connection Fee for FTTP?

Ken Sayers kens at acm.org
Wed Mar 21 17:13:18 EST 2018

My daughter is looking to buy a vacant block
of land in Foster Victoria and build a house on it. Foster is pretty
strange in that large parts of the town seem to be on NBN Fixed Wireless
and other parts on FTTN, but if she builds a new house I understand,
according to the NBN website, that FTTP is the preferred technology to
build. It would seem pretty dumb to lay new copper in order to provide FTTN
when my daughter will probably not want a landline phone.
It would be cheaper to just say 'connect via fixed wireless' but looking at
Street View it looks like the fixed wireless tower is hidden behind trees.
Is this what is likely to happen, that NBN Co run a dedicated fibre from
the closest node to the new house?
Any tips appreciated.
Regards Ken Sayers

On Mon., 19 Mar. 2018, 22:57 Jason Leschnik, <jason at leschnik.me> wrote:

> So George, make sure that fee gets paid as it makes the NBN look $300
>> cheaper than it actually is.
> The whole NBN debate has always confused me. Without offsetting the cost
> how would either Government have afforded the NBN? The bill shock from $300
> NDF is annoying to say the least but I've spent >$300 on some pretty stupid
> things in my life and I'm sure there are others who would've paid a lot
> more than $300 to get FTTP/FTTN.
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