[AusNOG] $300 NBN Connection Fee for FTTP?

Paul Brooks pbrooks-ausnog at layer10.com.au
Tue Mar 20 22:38:14 EST 2018

On 20/03/2018 6:41 AM, Mark Delany wrote:
>> The whole NBN debate has always confused me. Without offsetting the cost
>> how would either Government have afforded the NBN? The bill shock from $300
>> NDF is annoying to say the least but I've spent >$300 on some pretty stupid
>> things in my life and I'm sure there are others who would've paid a lot
>> more than $300 to get FTTP/FTTN.
> It's mostly "funny money" anway. Roughly speaking premise-owners, future NBN
> customers and tax payers are paying one way or the other. The fixed-fee per
> premise merely makes it marginally more transparent and serendipitously moves
> costs off of NBNCo's books.

Its interesting contrasting this broadband experience with the electricity sector -
where individuals are falling over themselves to spend $6k - $25k or more installing
solar systems and batteries. Particularly when you add up a suburbs-worth of such
installations and realise they've all collectively spent much more than if a
centralised agency built the same amount of generation capacity.  Local governments
routinely add $thousands to the cost of renovations by making it a condition of
approval that the owner install water retention pits or rainwater tanks, taking costs
off the water and drainage system that would have to handle the excess.

NBN claims the cost-per-home-connected for FTTP is ~ $4400, which is dubious at scale
- but anyway, I'd gladly pay them $5000 up front to own the leadin outright, if
they'll guarantee I'll never be charged a line rental fee again.


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