[AusNOG] MelbourneIT DNS Issues

Damien Gardner Jnr rendrag at rendrag.net
Wed Sep 13 20:53:50 EST 2017

If it's a .com.au, you can simply request the registry key from the
registry directly:

Then put the transfer in to a more reputable registrar (aka synergy, being
the only non-shit one left now?), and a few days later you're good to go :)

On 13 September 2017 at 20:15, Chris Gibbs <chris at chribbsdesign.com.au>

> Hey Noggers,
> We are having an issue with MelbourneIT and their domain and DNS hosting.
> We have been back and forth with their support department for the past week
> trying to make changes to a customers records. Apparently there is a major
> issue with their portal and they said there would be 4-5days / weeks /
> months for it to return.
> We however came unstuck and are currently half way through a O365
> migration without the ability to update the dozens of records required for
> the cutover. MelbourneIT did create one manual record for us but this seems
> to be an ongoing issue and they are now reluctant to create more 'manual'
> records for fear of it being wiped out when their console application comes
> back online.
> We have spoken to them probably 10 times via phone and updated multiple
> times via email without progressing.
> We have also noticed that two of the name servers that our customers
> domain use are gone, not sure what is going on.
> ns2.easyclouddns.net
> ns3.easyclouddns.net
> Is there someone that can ping me offlist please with an escalation path
> please?
> On a sidenote, we also discussed getting auth codes to transfer away after
> these issues but was informed it is not currently possible while their
> portal is down. What recourse do we have available on behalf of our
> customer  to force a transfer to another provider please. The domain in
> question is a .com.au
> Kind Regards,
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