[AusNOG] Telstra contact required for SORBS delegation/delisting

Tim March march.tim at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 08:30:39 EST 2013

On 13/03/13 9:36 PM, Damien Gardner Jnr wrote:
> I always find the easiest thing is to ssh into a box with socks proxy 
> mode enabled in my ssh client, and point my browser at it.. Makes it 
> so easy to troubleshoot browsing problems from any point in the network 

I've got a bunch of aliases in my ~/.profile to connect to various hosts 
and use FoxyProxy to switch them on and off quickly. Something along the 
lines of...

     alias socks-shell='ssh -f shell01 -D localhost:8080 -N && ps auxww 
| egrep -i "ssh -f" | egrep -v "egrep"'

... is what you want.


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