[AusNOG] Telstra contact required for SORBS delegation/delisting

Damien Gardner Jnr rendrag at rendrag.net
Wed Mar 13 21:36:33 EST 2013

I always find the easiest thing is to ssh into a box with socks proxy 
mode enabled in my ssh client, and point my browser at it..  Makes it so 
easy to troubleshoot browsing problems from any point in the network :)


On 13/03/2013 9:14 PM, Ross Wheeler wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Mar 2013, Ross Wheeler wrote:
>> I had a similar issue trying to get a single IP removed from someone 
>> else's
>> range. Don't know if the loophole still exists but if you were actually
>> connecting to the SORBS website from the IP in question you could 
>> request
>> the removal. Granted the SORBS website wasn't pretty in lynx, but it 
>> worked.
> Or, on the machine in question (if it's FreeBSD) use bounce. Bind to 
> an unusual port, redirect to sorbs:80 and browse to your 
> host:unusualport and do it as if you were there. (Then remove the 
> bounce when you're done)
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