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> Or the following :)
> -----------------------------
> Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring Kit
> Unevenly inflated tyres can increase tyre tread wear, thus decreasing their
> life span and potentially causing steering alignment problems. Flat tyres
> also increase friction with the road, which will add drag to your car,
> ultimately costing you more money not to mention the discomfort when
> driving. This handy device has 4 external sensors that are screwed onto
> your
> tyre wheel stems which then feed PSI data to a 12VDC powered monitor that
> plugs into the cigarette lighter socket. The sensors will start
> transmitting
> when you reach over 20km/h (approx). The receiver will then rotate the
> latest pressure reading for each tyre position. Features a low pressure
> warning which sounds at 25PSI and a high pressure warning if the tyre(s)
> reach 48PSI (these thresholds can't be adjusted). Great for automotive
> enthusiasts, racing and 4WD applications.
> Specifications:
> . Suitable for vehicles designed for 30-42PSI
> . Each sensor uses 1 x CR-1632 3V Lithium battery (replaceable)
> . High pressure alarm: 48PSI (Fixed)
> . Low pressure alarm: 25PSI (Fixed)
> . Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz
> . Pressure Measurement: PSI
> . Pressure Range: 0 to 50PSI
> . Sensor dimensions: 23.5(Dia) x 15(H)mm

A much bigger issue with these is insecure transmission of data.
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