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Or the following :)


Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring Kit

Unevenly inflated tyres can increase tyre tread wear, thus decreasing their
life span and potentially causing steering alignment problems. Flat tyres
also increase friction with the road, which will add drag to your car,
ultimately costing you more money not to mention the discomfort when
driving. This handy device has 4 external sensors that are screwed onto your
tyre wheel stems which then feed PSI data to a 12VDC powered monitor that
plugs into the cigarette lighter socket. The sensors will start transmitting
when you reach over 20km/h (approx). The receiver will then rotate the
latest pressure reading for each tyre position. Features a low pressure
warning which sounds at 25PSI and a high pressure warning if the tyre(s)
reach 48PSI (these thresholds can't be adjusted). Great for automotive
enthusiasts, racing and 4WD applications.

. Suitable for vehicles designed for 30-42PSI
. Each sensor uses 1 x CR-1632 3V Lithium battery (replaceable)
. High pressure alarm: 48PSI (Fixed)
. Low pressure alarm: 25PSI (Fixed)
. Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz
. Pressure Measurement: PSI
. Pressure Range: 0 to 50PSI
. Sensor dimensions: 23.5(Dia) x 15(H)mm




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It's not that hard if you get absurd enough.

What about addressing nanites? Or a badly designed WAN back haul between

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> On 06/03/2013, at 20:05, "Joshua D'Alton" <joshua at railgun.com.au> wrote:
>> I dunno, we still might run out. And I only say this half facetiously,
what if people have an IP for every key, pet, book, dildo, appliance, etc..
> There are about 7 billion people in the world. Maybe there'll be 15
billion before we can't make enough drinking water for everyone. 2^34
people, max.
> If they want to exhaust 2^64 prefixes, they're gonna need a lot of dildos.
>   - mark
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