[AusNOG] IPv6 -"Nope, we're not at the edge" - Cisco...

Bob Purdon bobp at purdon.id.au
Wed Mar 6 17:58:34 EST 2013

> In 2013 I should be putting new kit in that's v6 from day one, that's what you've all been telling me.

Absolutely you should :-)

> Now you've totally changed the tune and am telling me that it's all ok to just keep maintaining everything v4, at which point I just say "why bother v6 at all", we have to hold on to v4 anyway, get back to me in 10 more years when we actually need v6.

I think what Mark means is you keep using IPv4 on those devices that don't support IPv6 (really, what other easy choice do you have?).  Then when they reach EOL, you replace them with devices that support both IPv4 and IPv6.

As someone else said, you may as well enable IPv6 and get used to it now, rather than waiting until you absolutely need it and are forced into implementing it in a hurry.

> It I just accept that the worlds biggest networking company, Cisco, should just be allowed off the hook on new products then I'm just kidding myself the v6 is important at all.

Not sure what you're referring to there?  The last products I bought from Cisco, back in 2009 or so, supported IPv6 out of the box (and we were using it).

> What's going on here is that SMB is taking a wait and see if this technology is the one that actually flies

IPv6 is already flying.  As Craig indicated, your SMB networks are probably already doing IPv6 without you even knowing it.  Those ethernet enabled printers are probably doing some IPv6, I think Windows does it by default these days, etc, etc.

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