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Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Wed Mar 6 17:47:15 EST 2013

In message <5136E0CD.5030708 at bowenvale.co.nz>, Don Gould writes:
> Oh you've gone nuts!
> 4in4, 4in6, CGN, the list just doesn't stop...

You were the one that was running a VPN.

> Here's a radical idea, why don't we just put a publicly visible IP 
> address on the stupid little black box and then the SIP packets can just 
> hit port 5060?!

Definitely and you don't need port forwarding without NAT.
> Why make me build tunnels in tunnels?

Well by the time CGN comes around I expect IPv6 to be native.
> Are we getting a picture for why SMB isn't making advances with v6?

Can you see why I say you should start now.  You need to make sure
what you need to run your business will be available and work in
the presence of CGNs etc.  IPv6 bypasses CGNs.

It's IPv6 or CGN.  You can't avoid both.  Most of us think IPv6 is a
better long term solution than CGN.


> This is exactly the stuff that's driving SMB geeks away.
> Personally I got all excited about v6, built my tunnels, found out all 
> the issues, went off to look at all the hardware I needed for my current 
> projects, discovered no one actually cares about v6 at all, including 
> CISCO, threw v6 at the bottom of the list of things to worry about and 
> moved on...
> Only difference between me and most of the folk in the SMB market, that 
> ppl were talking about, is that I'm at least honest or just loud enough 
> to just say it.
> D
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