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Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Wed Mar 6 17:04:14 EST 2013

In message <5136C8D7.7000802 at bowenvale.co.nz>, Don Gould writes:
> On 6/03/2013 5:10 p.m., Craig Askings wrote:
> > IPv6 support on VoIP / SIP hardware is even worse than most other IT equipm
> ent vendors.
> ...and now we're starting to understand why SMB's are dragging feet here 
> on v6.

You are turning ON IPv6.  You are not turning OFF IPv4.   Turning
on IPv6 has no impact on IPv4 only equipment.   You can continue
to use the VoIP hardware in house for the next 20 years.   If you
are using VoIP hardware to talk to the rest of the world CGN's are
going to make a big mess for you.

> I just spend most of the last week setting up a VPN cloud at a number of 
> customer sites and reconfiguring my networks so that I can run v4 end to 
> end so we can get them access to our VPS platform so we can host VoIP 
> instances and wireless controller software for them.

And you can run that IPv4 cloud over 4in4 tunnels or 4in6 tunnels.
When CGNs start being deployed you will want to use the 4in6 tunnels
as establishing the 4in4 tunnel will be a pain and may not work.

> I'm not spending my time learning v6 and pushing it in because I'm way 
> to busy fighting with work arounds in my on going quest to kill off 
> another old technology that just won't die - the PSTN!
> Come on man.... if Cisco, the worlds biggest networking company, aren't 
> leading the charge and are pushing NEW non v6 models out there then why 
> should little old, grumpy, loud mouth Don from the bottom of the planet 
> bother?
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