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Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Mon Mar 4 00:51:16 EST 2013

In message <2202304f330f8b23da59c2edd117b412 at mail.gmail.com>, Jared Hirst write
> I was not even given a option for v6 3 years ago when I joined APNIC=85. So=
>  I
> am unsure how v4 was gone 5 years ago, if it was then new players should
> have been educated and forced to take and use v6 3 years ago=85 instead the=
> re
> has been no forced take up?

IPv4 has been effectively gone for more than a decade.  Did you
expect some miracle to happen and provide more IPv4 addresses out
of nowhere?  It been a miracle that they lasted as long as they
did.  CIDR and NAT extended the life of IPv4 from 1995 (which was
the pre-CIDR, pre-NAT projected run out date) to 2011.  One really
should do one's homework on the industry before entering the industry.

Nobody was hiding the fact that IPv4 addresses were about to run
out.  Nobody was hiding the fact that IPv6 was the way out of the
mess.  All the RIR's looked at the options of just allocating IPv6
to existing IPv4 address holders but in the end realised that it
would not help.  Getting IPv6 addresses is no harder than gettting
IPv4 addresses.  Additionally you can't force anyone to use them.

Lots of people including the RIRs were telling anyone who would
listen to get IPv6 connectivity.

> Giving an IP for a VPS is the same as a $19 DSL from Telstra or Dodo=85. So
> don=92t try and stab at me for using IP=92s. We also like you charge $5/ mo=
> nth
> / IP to restrict IP wastage and to cover the need to buy more when we need
> it.
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