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"Basically yes.  But get over it."

Sorry Skeeve, but that's a disgraceful attitude.  Many on this list seems to think "we're so freakin' smart we went ahead and gorged ourselves on IP addresses to the detriment of the global community and now we are making a motza from it.  Sucks to be you for not seeing this coming".

Well here's the news flash – everyone who thinks themselves soooo clever and smug are frankly obtuse and their level of arrogance disgusts me.  You think everyone without IPv4 space has only themselves to blame – remarks that seem to be coming from middle aged people working for providers greater than 5 years old in a developed economy who have been in the industry for years.

So Skeeve and others, I'd like to go to Iraq, or Afghanistan or Somalia and tell them that they have no address space and sucks to be them because they were too stupid not to see the IPv4 coming. Disregard that it's mainly because they were too busy fighting a war, trying to find food for their family or too busy walking kilometres to go to a mud hut with a chalk board for a "iPad" 5 years ago.

Or how about you go visit people in China and India who have 2,000,000,000 people trying to lift themselves out of some of the lowest wages ever and despite being so desperate to get connected to the internet to find their way to "freedom" and information – yes – freedom and information you know that thing the internet provides (?) and let them know they've despite having 1/3 of the worlds population you're getting shafted because the Shinhwa news agency didn't let them know there was an IPv4 crunch coming.  Dare you to put an ad in the paper and invite all those Chinese people to who can't connect to come down the "the square" to talk to you about why they can't.

While you're at it, go into a tech incubator or anyone who is in their late teens/early 20's who dare to do what we do and start an ISP and tell them "sucks to be you – I've effectively lied my ass off to APNIC and the other RIR's to get my hands on a life supply of IPv4 and relied on their pathetic IPv4 management systems to starve your hard earned start up dollars and your future while I make huge $$ because I have no conscience! ".

So the plan seems to be "we're going to screw the youth/up and coming countries and developing countries and sell our IP's to them and IPv6 isn't going to get traction until they are bleeding out of their noses and they die on the floor.  Sanctioned extortion effectively.  We're putting a price on their future and freedom.  How smart are we."

The hubris and arrogance here simply disgusts me and even worse, those that lied their ass off to steal more addresses than they needed are now playing mercenary to the future development of our youth or developing countries.  What makes it worse It's coming from people who are involved in the RIR's and the lack of compassion and disdain being displayed is frankly beneath what the internet community is all about.

I expected a lot more from a lot of middle aged people who were all young once and were given a chance.  Screw your arrogance and hubris.  Get your head out of your arses and travel the world and see what the power and freedom the internet and IPv4 provides – at least for the next 5 years and remember that you too were young once and that the only reason your so god-damn smart is because he you managed to fallout of a womans uterus in a lucky country.

If you can't read between the lines call me and I'll make it very clear how pathetic your attitude is.


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