[AusNOG] IPv4

Martin - StudioCoast martin.sinclair at studiocoast.com.au
Sat Mar 2 18:57:09 EST 2013

Increasing pricing on IPv4 alone is only going to price people out of 
the market.

It would be much more effective if each registry imposeda fee on each IP 
address that is not running in a globally routable dual-stack configuration.
(i.e with an IPv6 counterpart)
Make that fee extreme and you can just sit back and watch the economic 
forces solve the migration issue overnight.
Of course, as has been mentioned, organisations like APNIC are run by 
their members and no member would ever vote for such a thing.

This brings us back at square one, with limited incentive to roll out 
IPv6 other than a distant pipe dream that someday, somehow, it will make 
our lives easier.


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