[AusNOG] Running out of VLANs

James Mcintosh james.mcintosh at rocketmail.com
Mon Dec 16 14:20:47 EST 2013

Hi Noggers,

What are people doing about hitting switch VLAN limits? We terminate a lot of Ethernet services from several carriers. Our Cisco switch gear is great but limited to 128 spanning tree VLAN sessions and 1,000 VLANs.

We've long since passed the 128 per-VLAN spanning tree limit. We're now getting closing in on 1,000 VLANs.

I'm sure there are service providers on list who are much larger than we are and have solved this problem.

Would love to hear thoughts on the best approach.

Just to give a bit more detail - we aggregate all our upstream carrier circuits on the Cisco switch then trunk the customer VLANs to the appropriate router for termination.

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