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Hi Skeeve,

We have not been able to order DSL services for south bank, west end, etc. for around a year as Telstra were planning on removing all of their copper hardware as the extensions to the Mater hospital were going to be built over the top of their South Brisbane exchange. I'm not sure why they would have sold a DSL service so recently as our customers in that area have already been moved to FTTP (within the last 2-3 months).

Although these are fibre services, Telstra still seem to be operating under the concept of “the internet comes through a phone line” and are therefore viewing the new FTTP connections exactly as they used to view POTS lines.

The services I’ve seen all use PPPoE with the Telstra ONT providing an Ethernet port you can connect a router to. An 877 will do PPPoE on a vlan interface, but there are caveats such as no QoS, etc.

Also, Telstra seem to be putting in a fibre run to replace each existing POTS service… If you’ve got 5 analogue phone lines, you’ll get 5 fibre runs with 5 ONTs… Each ONT actually has two PSTN ports to provide legacy phone services, however I’m not sure whether Telstra will deliver two services over the same line.



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As a heads up: http://fibretosouthbrisbane.com.au/

As us usual, we get different answers from different areas in Telstra. Have had one client move to fibre with no hassles, two others in progress. But have seen new services be told they need a land line, despite the owner knowing its fibre only.

Good luck!

Michael Keating

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Hey all,

We have a customer in Brisbane Southbank where a few weeks ago DSL was installed, Cisco 877 was connected and everything went fine.

Last week the line went dead.  We've since discovered that Telstra has converted their internet service to FTTP - not exactly sure what that means though - NBN? or something else perhaps?

We're going to try to use one of the ethernet ports on the Cisco 877 in a VLAN to do PPPoE as an option.  What are others doing?

Anyone else had this happen with Telstra?


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