[AusNOG] [off-topic] Opportunity for Metro Ethernet and DSL operational specialists in Melbourne

Adam Griffiths adam at griffiths.org.au
Tue Jun 7 11:14:12 EST 2011

Dear AusNoggers,

While this is certainly not operational (and doesn't appear to be
against the list charter, although I'm expecting to get flamed in some
way), I'm looking for two senior operational staff to join my teams
that look after various Telstra's IP networks.  Given that if you're
not on this list, you're probably not really active in our field, and
hence probably wouldn't be suitable for this role, I'm hoping that
there'll be some folk on this list looking for their next challenge.

Our role in Telstra can be summarised as incident prevention, but like
any tier 3 support organisation our typical roles are around escalated
fault management, new technology/product introduction,
implementation/management of changes to network infrastructure, and
problem management.

1. Metro Ethernet technology specialist
This is an SME role in my IP Edge team that looks after Telstra's
IPMAN, Wideband IP, and TWE products
Looking for somebody who has significant experience in running very
large Metro-E networks, the major switching/routing platforms from the
major vendors, MEF standards, as well as a very good understanding of
MPLS and VPLS (I could easily add another 100 acronyms but it wouldn't
really add value)

2. Technology Specialist in ISP operations.
(will be advertised externally in the next few weeks)
this is an SME role in my Bigpond team, which looks after all network
infrastructure that supports the bigpond ISP platforms.
Similar to above, you must have significant experience in the
operation of DSL/Cable ISP networks, and in particular E-series
Juniper, Cisco CMTS platforms as well as pretty much any other major
network equipment vendor.

If of interest, please let me know either via email or give me a call
(I will return any calls within 24 hours)

Best Regards,

Adam Griffiths
General Manager
IP Network Operations | Network Infrastructure Operations | Telstra Operations
adam.griffiths at team.telstra.com
+61 404 092 743

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