[AusNOG] SMart Grid/M2M

Stuart Thornton sthornton at ibasis.net
Mon Jun 6 17:01:39 EST 2011

Dear all


This is my first post to the Ausnog group although I have been a member
for a while now very much enjoying the thoughts of fellow members. 


My background is very much telco related and on a recent trip to the US
I met with an old colleague of mine who is heavily involved in new
technologies in MIT. 


One of the most interesting items that he is working on is that of Smart
grid capabilities and using M2M technology to support effective energy
usage. What I found interesting and my interest in writing to the Ausnog
group was how these technologies are relying on/being built on next gen
networks and more importantly how these different areas are converging. 


My question to the group is whether you are seeing this technology being
focused on here, how the NBN will play a part in this and in general im
interested to hear peoples thoughts on an interesting future. 


Hopefully this is not off topic... oh and this is not a sales pitch! I
have nothing to do currently with the NBN or the energy industry. Just a
passing interest. 







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