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On 18/09/2009, at 8:26 AM, Shane Short wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Sep 2009 09:29:37 +1000, "Darren Moss" <Darren.Moss at em3.com.au 
> >
> wrote:
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>> I am surprised that in this day and age we don't have.....
>> A) APNIC checking block owner details and suspending where  
>> information is
>> not correct (ie: automatic email checking or automatic phone dialer  
>> with
>> response keys required)
> This may sound rather daft, but if the contact information for the
> particular IP block is incorrect, how does APNIC get in contact with  
> the
> person to tell them their details are wrong? What about all the legacy
> AUNIC blocks that were brought over that aren't associated with an  
> account?
> I'm not even so sure how APNIC would go about 'suspending' the IP  
> address
> space, especially if they're unable to contact the owner. Maybe they'd
> publish it in a blacklist of sorts? I wonder how long it'd take  
> someone to
> realise this and get on the phone to their lawyer, because these  
> people have stopped their internets working.

I agree with Darren on this one. Sanity checking contact data is  
always a good thing.

As to how to get in touch, APNIC would get in touch using their  
billing data. If there is anything you can rely on being up to date,  
its a billing database.

Given that invoices are sent out once a year by APNIC for members to  
renew, contact details should perhaps be updated at this point in time  
too. Perhaps even just an automated email goes out requiring a link be  
clicked to say 'yes, im alive and paying attention' once every 6  
months? No response in 2 weeks? escalate to a billing contact, still  
no response?, flag as 'needs a phone call'. Shouldn't need to hire any  
more people, just a bit of work for the in-house development team.

Don't get me wrong, APNIC do a great job... just like with anything,  
there is always scope for improvement.


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