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On 18/09/2009, at 4:46 PM, Shaun Dwyer wrote:

> On 18/09/2009, at 8:26 AM, Shane Short wrote:
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>> On Fri, 18 Sep 2009 09:29:37 +1000, "Darren Moss" <Darren.Moss at em3.com.au 
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>> wrote:
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>>> I am surprised that in this day and age we don't have.....
>>> A) APNIC checking block owner details and suspending where  
>>> information is
>>> not correct (ie: automatic email checking or automatic phone  
>>> dialer with
>>> response keys required)
>> This may sound rather daft, but if the contact information for the
>> particular IP block is incorrect, how does APNIC get in contact  
>> with the
>> person to tell them their details are wrong? What about all the  
>> legacy
>> AUNIC blocks that were brought over that aren't associated with an  
>> account?
>> I'm not even so sure how APNIC would go about 'suspending' the IP  
>> address
>> space, especially if they're unable to contact the owner. Maybe  
>> they'd
>> publish it in a blacklist of sorts? I wonder how long it'd take  
>> someone to
>> realise this and get on the phone to their lawyer, because these  
>> 'APNIC'
>> people have stopped their internets working.
> <snip>
> I agree with Darren on this one. Sanity checking contact data is  
> always a good thing.
> As to how to get in touch, APNIC would get in touch using their  
> billing data. If there is anything you can rely on being up to date,  
> its a billing database.
> Given that invoices are sent out once a year by APNIC for members to  
> renew, contact details should perhaps be updated at this point in  
> time too. Perhaps even just an automated email goes out requiring a  
> link be clicked to say 'yes, im alive and paying attention' once  
> every 6 months? No response in 2 weeks? escalate to a billing  
> contact, still no response?, flag as 'needs a phone call'. Shouldn't  
> need to hire any more people, just a bit of work for the in-house  
> development team.

You've never tried to get in contact with someone with technical clue  
via the billing department before, have you? :)
Sure, in an ideal world this'd work, but the problem is again the  
legacy AUNIC ranges in 203/8 which are so so old they almost  
definitely don't have the correct info. (if you recall shaun, a few of  
the old ranges at one of our previous employers were, and continue to  
be incorrect)

> Don't get me wrong, APNIC do a great job... just like with anything,  
> there is always scope for improvement.

Sure, APNIC do a great job and they continue to do so when with their  
de-bogoning project, but why should APNIC be held responsible for  
people who don't set their equipment up properly, or don't maintain it  

As a community, we're responsible for the current mess and as a  
community, I think we should make some kind of effort to try and  
resolve the problem, which comes back to my original suggestion of a  
'known offenders' list of networks who don't keep their filtering up- 
to-date along with methods in which to contact them in the event they  
are incorrectly blocking you. This would've been a great help when I  
was trying to contact certain people, that's for sure. Also the  
publicness of it might encourage them to rethink their policies.

> Cheers!
> -Shaun


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