[AusNOG] Aust Govt will build National Broadband Network, no company will be awarded the tender.

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  Bevan I think you crossed the line when you implied MMC should quit simply because he disagrees with what his employer supports, 

  I am not sure that is what Beven meant.  Bevan referred to MMC simply dismissing a list of reasons why NBN should not be blindly followed and MMC dismissed the argument and answered it with a silly reply instead of addressing the issue.  As an employer he is well with in his right to suggest that if staff are openly disagreeing with their employers view / interests then they should probably leave that employer and put their money where their mouth is and demonstrate how their point of view would work or join an employer that has a similar point of view.   In the end  if this NBN mk2 gets up some employees may end up out of a job.  And at the end of the day this NBN propasal has the ability to wipe out many companies, unless there is a business plan and the industry is consulted.  Something DBCDE is not good at.  

  if thats your attitude, I guess we should let it be a warning for anyone who considers working for pipe networks.

  Every employer should have the right to expect some loyalty from their staff.  Staff are certainly entitled to their point of view, however sometimes they shoud get thier employers point of view and at least consider the ramifications.   ie they may not have a job in some situations.  

  Newsflash and its about time every F'n exec on this list took reminder of, your employees are NOT you, they are NOT an extension of your brain nor your line of thoughts, they are NOT 

  as narrow visioned as you are, 

  Give me a break.  Those employers and execs have a far wider view of the business than any employee.  If all the bits including the business case do not stack up the employee does not have a job.  Then employees complain because they are out of a job.  Look at pacific brands.  Due to regulation by government and the fact that tarrifs were about to fall the management had to make a decision.  Unfortunately it affected staff.  No employer likes to sack staff. It was not a good look all round.  That may well happen in this industry as well.  Then there is the superanuation of 90% of Australians that possibly will be affected by this decision etc etc. A lot of super funds have Telstra and other stock in this sector  etc etc.  It is much bigger than a press release

  they are (in most cases) human and DO have a mind of their own, they are entitled to NOT agree with what their employer sees as a worthwhile plan to support/plan of action,

  The issue as I saw it was around the fact that MMC chose not to debate the issues, however you are absolutely correct, people are human and they are entitled to their own views, however they should at least consult their employers to at least get some idea of both sides of a story.   A press release from the government is not enough detail to start jumping behind a project.  As beven eluded to we need to know the hows and the whys ie a business plan, but as it currently stands it looks very much like a get even with Telstra and stuff the collateral damage that may cause to the rest of the market including MMC's employer

   and, before the pedantics bring it up, MMC made no direct references to his employer and not agreeing with their support of something, that was you Bevan, so I see nothing wrong with MMC's comments they way they were worded.

  That is fair enough and you should also respect Bevans

  This is a public list and most likely no-one here speaks in any official capacity on behalf of their employer and to suggest someone resign because they disagree, is rather pathetic.

  I don't think that is what bevan was saying.  He was as an employer and someone that has substantial investments on the line which in turn employ people saying if you think you know best, resign and go and show us all how to do it.  There is a distinction. But I could have misinterpreted both Bevans and your point of view and if I have please accept my apologies.
  It would be good to see debate focus on how a business case could be put together, rather than snipping at what some say.  Personally I can't see how a business case can be put together to build from scratch.  I still remember the commindicos and one tels and others.  Great ides, but in the end they didn't work.  For mine, show me a business plan and I will be converted.  A press release does not cut it for me.


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