[AusNOG] Fwd: 2010 APNIC Fee Schedule - Call for comments

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at internode.com.au
Mon Apr 6 12:10:09 EST 2009

> Can anyone clarify if IPv6 fees are now separate? With the membership
> tiers they are sortof "joined" which made alot of sense to me, if you
> had a /21 you could hold a /32 of IPv6.  I can see that being a
> migration barrier for smaller businesses and hosts? Having to pay
> thousands more for IPv6 space would make people more hesitant to
> experiment IMHO.

Doesn't look like it:

1.3 IPv4 and IPv6 Address Fees

Where a member has both IPv4 and IPv6 address holdings, the fee  
payable will be assessed as the greater of the
assessed fees for the IPv4 and IPv6 address holdings.

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