[AusNOG] Happy new year / New rules for age-restricted internet and mobile content after the 20th of january 2008

Andy Davidson andy at nosignal.org
Thu Jan 17 04:01:06 EST 2008

On 2 Jan 2008, at 04:06, Matthew Moyle-Croft wrote:

> "Labor makes no apologies to those who argue that any regulation of  
> the internet is like going down the Chinese road," Mr Conroy said  
> yesterday. "If people equate freedom of speech with watching child  
> pornography, then the Rudd Labor Government is going to disagree."

We're having this discussion in the UK right now.

The UK government want to ban 'bad' things using a stoplist.  http:// 

The problem is that they are marketing this as a tool to stop child  
porn, when in fact it's described in law as a mechanism to filter any  
questionable (from the government POV) content.

This is an excellent resource on content blocking information :  

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