[AusNOG] Mail Filtering + ISPs

Ian Henderson ianh at chime.net.au
Fri Feb 16 18:53:16 EST 2007

Nick Brown <mailto:nick at estation.com.au> wrote on Friday, 16 February
2007 4:43 PM:

> I see no solution to this at all. Further so, as I can get hold of no
> one at iiNet other then Support CSR's who play messenger between Sys
> Admins and myself, I have sent this to the list. Really, I'm a Sys
> Admin trying to rectify an issue YOUR customers are experiencing, is
> it too much to ask I can talk to someone who understands the concept
> of blacklists?     

Nick, drop Paul Raj Khangure (prk at staff.iinet.net.au - Senior System
Engineer) an email. He'll be able to help you out. You may want to use
something other than the blocked host/domain. :)


- I.

Ian Henderson, CCIE #14721
Senior Network Engineer, iiNet Limited

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