[AusNOG] Mail Filtering + ISPs

Nick Brown nick at estation.com.au
Fri Feb 16 18:43:23 EST 2007

Evening all,

Want to put the following situation into the list for discussion as it is a
problem for us, and I imagine any other web host. 

We have several customers whereby we host their domain under a "Domain
Forwarding" package. Simply put, we redirect *@customersdomain.com to their
own personal mailbox, more often then not this mailbox is provided by their
ISP. Some time in the last week we have had one servers blacklisted by iiNet
as our email spam rating has dropped to -3.4 (Apparently). 

For iiNet to begin accepting our email again we need to have a score of at
least -2. For our score to be raised we effectively have to "behave", not
send spam into iiNet, etc.

Effectively we will never get our score back up to that level, as I can see
that the clients who are forwarding their mail have spam sitting in the
queue waiting for them. If we do get back to that level it will only be a
matter of minutes before we are blacklisted again, I have ~400 emails
sitting in the queue for iiNet / Ozemail currently.

I see no solution to this at all. Further so, as I can get hold of no one at
iiNet other then Support CSR's who play messenger between Sys Admins and
myself, I have sent this to the list. Really, I'm a Sys Admin trying to
rectify an issue YOUR customers are experiencing, is it too much to ask I
can talk to someone who understands the concept of blacklists?

Any thoughts / suggestions / possible solutions (From iiNet or other) would
be much appreciated right about now.


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