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Thanks for the feedback Mitch, though you might have missed the part in my initial comment that I am moving to Calix, the request for some assistance was just that a request, whilst I sort out a move,  plan it and strategies it. Doing a wholesale change over on a 4+ year old network that I have inherited is not just expensive but hugeyly time consuming and requires serious man power, and cooperative customers.

Purchasing extra hardware is an exercise in survivability as the former individual who looked after the network had neither hot or cold spares ever in its life time, so if I had an outage my customers would be off-line for weeks if not months... I was avoiding having to air out my situation, but I'm a humble person, and most will understand the situation  in.

I have no intent on keeping ubiquity, but I cannot just magically click my fingers and migrate them. I also have no clue who Zoom is and don't care, I only ever worry about my own patch unless I'm asked to care someone else's.

Thank you to all who reached out to me late last night, it is what I hoped for, and reminded of the original intent and purpose of this list ??



That all sounds fare enough David, you can't just go changing network configurations without any notice.
Ubiquity equipment is ok depending on usage I've got customers using it, but you should hunt down spare equipment I think that was the main point as you really shouldn't have services down for more then a couple of hours.
Though for the DataCentre side of things Cisco and the more enterprise grade brands are the way to go.
But it sounds like your on top of it all anyway.

Though I think having multiple wholesale providers helps as well as that way you're not dependent on one provider.
Regards Chad.
Chad Kelly
CPK Web Services
Phone 03 52730246
Web https://www.cpkws.com.au

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