[AusNOG] Defunct copper

Julien Goodwin ausnog at studio442.com.au
Thu May 5 16:20:07 AEST 2022

On 5/5/22 10:07 am, Jim Woodward wrote:
> On 05-05-2022 07:20, Andrew Fort wrote:
>> Once it reaches the ground, call 1100 :)
>> On Wed, 4 May 2022, 5:11 pm Chris Chaundy, <chris.chaundy at gmail.com 
>> <mailto:chris.chaundy at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     A little off-topic but does anyone know how you can get Telstra to
>>     remove defunct overhead copper cabling?  Our area has been
>>     switched to NBN but all cabling (power, NBN fibre and legacy
>>     Telstra copper is strung on power poles in that order from top to
>>     bottom.  Now I really DO mean bottom - the old copper is hanging
>>     down from the poles through bushes and along the ground at the top
>>     of my property (it may get accidentally tangled up in my
>>     brush-cutter one day :-).
>>     Seriously, it is a nuisance/hazard and I don't think that I have
>>     the strength or patience to attempt to deal with this through
>>     'Telstra faults'!
> When I had a phone line break free of its primary pole mount and drop to 
> the point where I could touch it from the footpath outside my house I 
> called 13 22 03 and had Telstra come out, they removed the line from the 
> premesis side all the way back to the pole adjacent to the house on the 
> other side of the road. Since I have FTTP there was no need to maintain it.
> They came out within 24 hrs to remove it, details for that line below:

Can't remember what line I ended up using, but a few years ago we were 
doing an audit of copper lines in one of our buildings to identify what 
might have been missed (either migration or cancellation) for NBN 
cutoffs, and while going through the MDF I noticed what appeared to be 
the start of a battery acid leak within a Telstra rack in the room.

They had someone out *within an hour* (central Sydney), so yes, when 
there's a potential safety issue to third parties they do respond on a 
prompt basis.

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