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John Mann john at mannfamily.org
Tue May 3 21:05:30 AEST 2022


Several years ago, at Monash University, I used open source software
   cisco netflow -> nfdump -> NfSen
to analyse network traffic.
This collects and analyses flows, not the raw packets.
NfSen has a graphic dashboard that can collect/show/drill-down stats that
you have pre-defined.
The 'nfdump' CLI can be used for ad-hoc (text output) analysis, or cron'd
for daily summary reports.

Capturing packets from a 10G fibre network backbone to spinning hard drives
wasn't easy. Try
   cisco filter -> RSPAN -> network -> GRE software endpoint -> tcpdump -w
Much easier, but $$$, to use passive fibre taps, packet broker hardware etc.


On Tue, 3 May 2022 at 14:25, Roman Islam <romislam at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> Any recommendation for a suitable open source software which can help to
> assess the current network traffic profile? For example port span, capture
> packet and analyze the traffic type and percentage. Using wireshark
> regularly but as a troubleshooting tool compared to network traffic
> analyzer.
> Our QoS classification and marking policy has been outdated. We now need
> to re-investigate to make it more granular and re-align the marking and
> queuing strategy.
> -R
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