[AusNOG] Optus routing/internet issues

DaZZa dazzagibbs at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 13:01:35 AEST 2022

Greetings learned folk.

I'm hesitant to send this, as it's very imprecise, so I apologise to
anyone who gets annoyed at someone obviously groping in the dark, but
here goes...

Is anyone seeing routing or traffic issues with Optus services today?
I have an Optus service which appears to be only partially advertising
my BPG somehow - resulting in very intermittent inbound traffic.The
advertisements seem right, the BGP peering is up, the routes are
advertised - the only hard indicator is that the Optus link is
carrying much less traffic than is usual for this time of day.

Traces inbound are showing paths via my secondary link which shouldn't
be happening (BGP advertising is setup to direct the majority of
traffic - except for the second link's peers - through the primary)
from some locations overseas and through the Optus link

Attempts to log a fault with Optus have resulted in much frustration
and head banging on desk - however I have an anecdotal comment from
one of the Optus people I have got some sense out that they have been
hearing of a lot of issues with internet services today.

Anyone seeing anything that might match this depressingly nebulous
fault description? I know there's not a lot of information, but I
don't have a lot more other than people can't connect to various IP's
in my advertised block, and some traceroutes which are less than

Thanks to anyone who can shed any light.


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